Litty’s Larder logo: a visual story
Litty's Larder


I have always loved to source natural ingredients, cook and bake for folk to gather round, sharing, eating, connecting and making future plans and memories. So when I decided back in June 2018 to launch my baking business, I wanted to have a name and a logo that reflected this. It took me ages to think of a name for my business, trying to think what fitted with what I was doing and what I believed in. In the end I decided on Litty’s Larder.


When I was wee, instead of calling me Elizabeth, or one of the usual numerous nicknames that can be derived from this name, my parents decided to call me little mouse, then Littymouse, and the na
me has just stuck! So I took ‘Litty’. And ‘Larder’ because I am always cooking and baking things using ingredients from my larder, looking for new ingredients to add to it, and looking at the Nature’s larder to bake sweet treats with. As well as preserving these for later in the year such as jams, curds, cordials. So Litty’s Larder seemed like the perfect fit.


I wanted my logo to tell a story, and to be more visual with the words Litty’s Larder standing in the background, and so allowing the ingredients and the finished bakes to shine through. So folk would see individual edible elements and it would be an image folk would recognise and then associate it with Littys’ Larder. I know a lot of logos use letters and numbers, but I am a very visual person, as are my bakes I produce, so a visual logo is just right.

So I looked around, and wanted to work with someone local if I could, and found the amazingly talented illustrator Eilidh Muldoon – @eilidhmuldoon I love her story telling qualities as an illustrator. So I asked if she could design me a logo and she said yes. Eilidh translated my MANY thoughts and ideas into my beautiful logo. It represents savoury and sweet ingredients, using different colours and ingredients which represent the seasons, local, seasonal, foraged and natural ingredients including edible flowers too, made into sustainable seasonal bakes, intertwined on a plate which then morphs into a table for people to bake, gather and feast together. And the circular shape represents the seasons of the year, the reoccurring gatherings, and a shared table that everyone is welcome at.

Liz xx