Litty’s Larder is an artisan bakery business, run from my home kitchen in East Lothian, making everything from scratch, in a sustainable way. Using a mix of seasonal, local, foraged, ethical and naturally grown ingredients.

Naturally flavoured, and coloured, using a selection of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, foraged and other natural ingredients, as fresh, powdered or extracts of. To create unique bespoke sustainable edible art.

eat seasonal
Eat seasonal


Using a selection of seasonal ingredients when they are at their best. I use a wide range of fruit, vegetables, edible flowers and foraged ingredients depending on the time of year. Some of my favourite seasonals including blood oranges, rhubarb, spinach, summer berries, dahlias and pears, to name just a few.

Buy local


There is a huge range of locally grown produce as well as locally produced ingredients available which I use in my bakes. Sourcing from East Lothian where I am based, to Scottish, and UK wide too. I use local flour, free range eggs, local ethical chocolate, coffee and tea producers, honey, cold pressed rapeseed oil, cream, cheese, yogurt, sea salt, culinary pumpkins as well as a huge range of other locally grown fruits and vegetables.


By tapping in to the Scottish wild larder, I can add foraged ingredients into my bakes which brings an extra flavour and aroma element to my sweet creations. I either forage myself where time allows, or buy from independent foragers and small scale businesses. Some of my favourite flavours to use, depending on the season, are elderflower, gorse, birch, and East Lothian seabuckthorn.



Baking with the environment, society and economy at the forefront. Using ethical sugars, chocolate, coffee, tea and other ingredients as well as organic and naturally grown produce where possible. I deliver cakes in reusable packaging, and where this is not suitable, I use plant based packaging. Buying supplies direct from local or national producers, shops or wholesalers, and using short supply chain where at all possible. Adopting zero waste practises too.



I love to bake for, work with, and support, like- minded folk in various ways. From pop ups and workshops in the local area, to working with other like- minded indy businesses to help support a sense of community which in turn allows me to bring folk more than just cake.


Ever since I can remember, I have always loved baking, and cooking, gathering and feasting with others. For me, there is something so innate about making and sharing food with folk whether it be for special occasions, or just at daily meal times, over a cuppa, on a picnic rug, or even foraging in the hedgerows and sharing a few blackberries, this all gives me a deep sense of contentment. I love communal dining in all its forms!

I live in East Lothian, just outside Edinburgh, Scotland, with my 2 wee ones and husband. I am a passionate self-taught baker and cook, and have been baking for years, having learnt from my Mum, and my two Nanas in the early days. I have continued to learn through avidly reading cook books, especially by Nigel Slater and Leith’s Cookery School, and lots of experimentation.

After working in the environmental sciences field for 15 years, and having my 2 kids, I decided the creative side of me needed to finally get out of the scientist. So taking a bit of time out after working as cook for 2 years in a local private nursery, cooking healthy wholesome food from scratch for the kids and staff, I decided to start baking to order in 2018 and so Litty’s Larder was born!

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Ethos page images by Martin Covey – Goodbye 1979 Photography (Foraged Mini Bundts; Basket of Apples; Crumble Together Workshop Folk), Amanda Farnese Heath – The Mad March Hare (Portrait Photo), and Litty’s Larder